Long Tail Earrings - Silver
Long Tail Earrings - Silver
Long Tail Earrings - Silver

Long Tail Earrings - Silver


With a sleek + structured design, these sterling silver drop earrings have two sides of different lengths. The longer “tail” side is thinner with a more rounded finish + the shorter has a thick rectangular look. The varying lengths + thickness create a versatile + dimensional piece.

  • Sterling Silver, hand-formed earring
  • Earring's entire length is 2" 
  • Can be worn with either side in the front
  • Handmade by real people in Seattle

BALEEN believes quality, American-made jewelry can be affordable + responsible. They also believe it’s their responsibility to our planet to be as low-impact + sustainable as possible.

  • Nearly all of the metals used come from a recycled source - they've worked to source recycled + responsible materials.
  • Their production studio in Seattle is a zero-waste facility. Whether it be recycling their scrap metals, sending small bits of gold that they have gathered for years to be re-processed or donating components to local schools who teach jewelry classes.
  • Their tags are printed on a recycled paper from a mill that is hydro + wind powered. They’ve saved an estimated 1,000,000 barrels of fossil fuels + 70,000 tons of carbon dioxide to date + have been family-owned in the United States for 6 generations.