Lan Scarf - Dusty Rose

Lan Scarf - Dusty Rose


This is the perfect spring accessory. The Lan Scarf comes in a beautiful dusty rose color with lightweight weave for just the right amount of warmth for the chillier spring days or breezy summer nights.

Made fair trade by women in Vietnam, this ethically-made accessory is completely handwoven. 

50% silk, 50% linen. Hand wash. Measures 25" by 72".

Want to learn more about the women who make this scarf? Email us at and we can tell you all about Fair Anita's artisans in Vietnam!

FAIR ANITA is on a mission to create a world where women feel safe, valued, and respected no matter their geography, and they're thrilled to include you in this community. They are building a business in the most ethical way they can dream up:

  • Their products are always fair trade, made in ethical working conditions, where their female artisan partners are paid 2-3x minimum wage plus health insurance + educational scholarships. They currently partner with over 8,000 women in 9 countries.
  • They are striving to be as eco-friendly as a consumer-driven brand can be. Nearly all of their products are made from recycled materials, and they offset their carbon footprint by funding + supporting anti-climate change initiatives with their artisan partners around the world.
  • They source all materials in the local communities where their products are handmade. This stimulates the local economy, and gives them the fun challenge to figure out how to work with foreign recycled materials. 
  • They value consent in storytelling.  Though their products are made by kick-butt women around the world, they don't always talk about them a ton. They only share stories of women who have given them their full permission to talk about how awesome they are!